Own Recordings Recordings as Invited Artist

He took part as invited musician in uncountable shows, concerts and more than 50 recordings with several national and international artists, and in many styles (Tango, Jazz, Folklore, Carnival, etc.).  He has toured thru the whole Uruguay, Latin America, United States and Europe.
With Susana "La Tana" Rinaldi he played in the live recorded disc, registered at the "Cine Plaza" in 1999, together with the Philharmonic Orchestra.

With Chabuca Granda he played in shows broadcasted by the peruvian television.

Took part in several music ensembles, with which made recordings, among them: "Canciones para no Dormir la Siesta", several Carnival combos, together with "Los Olimareños" and "Pepe Guerra".
Participates, also as composer, in recordings of  Mariana García Vigil and the "Grupo Pareceres
Plays and records with a great many of popular artists from Uruguay: Eduardo Darnauchans, Leo Masliah, Pippo Spera, Urbano Moraes, etc.