1. Banderas de Febrero(February Flags) 2:43.
Slow "Candombe". Afro-uruguayan rhythm, performed by three different drums: "piano", "chico" and "repique", and they are played by three different persons.

Double bass: Marcos

2.Entre Nosotros (Among Us) 4:46.

Guitar and Double bass: Marcos

3. La Orientala (La Orientala) 2:32.
"Milonga". After the name "República Oriental del Uruguay" (i.e. Republic at the Eastern of the Uruguayan River). Uruguayan typical country rhythm, originally performed by one or more guitars. It can be only intrumental or sung.

Guitar: Eduardo Larbanois
Concertina: Toto D'Amario
Double bass: Marcos

4. ¿Quién Anda Ahí?(Who is there?) 4:42.
(Horacio Buscaglia - Marcos Gabay)

Keyboard: Diego Ebbeler
Guitar and vocal: Marcos 

5.Heksenat(Witches Nigth) 5:31.

Voice by telephone from Denmark: María Mac Dalland
French Horn: Gustavo Costenla
Mandolin: Pato Rovés
Double bass, guitar, percussion, vocal and cello: Marcos

6.Arlequín(Harlequin) 2:28.

Guitar: Tato Moraes
Double bass: Marcos

7. Du Danske Sommer Jeg Elsker Dig(I Love You, Danish Summer) 2:16.
Traditional from Denmark.
(Otto Mortensen)

Accordion: Hugo Fattoruso
Double bass, vocal and guitar: Marcos

8. Otra vez en Río(Once Again In Rio) 3:29.
"Samba". Traditional brazilian rhythm.

Guitar: Pato Rovés
Drums: Pipa Burgueño
Double bass: Marcos

9. Den Blomsterid Nu Kommer(We'll Return In Spring) 1:20.
Traditional from Sweden.

Vocal: Ida Buguete Holmgren
Double bass: Marcos

10. Sabadaba(Sabadaba) 3:25.
Salsa. Centroamerican rhythm.
(Marcos Gabay - Urbano Moraes)

Bass and vocal: Urbano Moraes
Percussion: Pipa Burgueño and Chichito Cabral
Double bass: Marcos

11. ¡Tré!(Three!) 2:59.
Murga. Typical music from Uruguay. The main uruguayan carnival music, performed by three percussion instruments played by three different persons: Hand Hit-Hat, Snare Drum and Bass Drum.

Percussion: Pitufo Lombardo
Vocal: Horacio Buscaglia
Double bass and bass: Marcos


All songs composed by Marcos Gabay except for songs: 4, 7, 9 and 10 as properly stated in the text.
Illustrations by: Lucía Tayler.
Recorded by Carlos García in Audiosur (Montevideo, Uruguay) during december, 1999.
Perro Andaluz Records (PA 2326/2)
All rights reserved by Marcos Gabay. Register N°: ACO 2 152-2